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Thursday, October 3, 2013

{another} post for dog lovers // solid gold review

happy thursday! 
todays post is for the pet lovers {well, the company loves cats, too, but these products are for dogs}!
do you know solid gold northland?
they are a minneapolis-based wholesaler that partners with lots of really great, healthy, holistic dog // cat brands.
if you have been around for a while, you know that food & nutrition are really important to our little family. we only purchase whole, natural & {almost always} organic foods for ourselves and for daphne. i make a lot of our own foods {milk, nut butters, desserts} and lots of stuff for daphne {treats!}. i am a strong believer in only putting quality ingredients into your body!

when we were thinking about adding a dog into our family, we spent a lot of time researching quality food & treat brands.
daphne uses solid gold, merrick & fromms on a rotating basis.

because solid gold is based in the cities & because they are looking to grow their company ; each month, they offer great samples // products to their customers.

last month, we had the opportunity to try out {full-sized!} seameal {great for cats & dogs!} and a super-massive bison bone from tasmans natural pet.

the products : 
the timing for the seameal hasnt been perfect for daphne. about three weeks ago, we put her on depression medication {she has some serious anxiety issues that were really affecting her life!} & it has really messed with her food schedule // appetite. she is only eating about 1 meal a day & only when blake and i are both standing in the kitchen. {seriously, issues...}
we mix a small amount of the seameal with water & then put it in her food. when she eats, she really enjoys it.
i am hoping once the medicine gets into her system & she balances out, we can review this product more accurately!
{but, from what we have been using ; i am a fan!}
seameal is awesome for both dogs & cats. 
from the website : 
Solid Gold Seameal contains 60 trace minerals, 12 vitamins, 22 amino acids, digestive enzymes, and flaxseed meal. It is excellent for animals with allergy problems and/or skin and coat problems. When Seameal is added to food, it increases the digestibility of the food. It is made with 19 different species of sea vegetation, an excellent source of nutrients. The addition of seaweed and kelp to an animal’s diet can produce many great benefits. SeaMeal can help boost the immune, hormone, and enzyme systems of the body, restore lost hair growth, intensify coat color, and boost the immune system.

daphne LOVED this bone! and it really was massive. the bone itself was AS LONG as my pillow. watching her carry it around & get stuck in doorways was pretty silly. she learned to turn the bone & LOVED bringing it on the bed. if you have a 'powerful chewier' in your family {also known as a dog that can chew through metal ;)}, i definitely recommend these bones.

from the website : 
Tasman’s Natural Pet is proud to offer a unique line of all-natural Bison rawhide chews made from free-range US Bison Rawhides. Don’t mistake these rawhides as typical as they are far from it!
Free-Range Bison means no hormones or antibiotics are passed along to your pet and the chemical-free processing means no chemicals either! Great for dogs with allergies or for owners who want to provide their pet with an all-natural diet, even when it comes to treats!
my dad is a butcher, so we get bones from him quite a bit & daphne really seems to enjoy them ; but these rawhides were much easier on her digestive system & i wasnt worries about her cracking her teeth! 

stay connected with solid gold 
they also do really amazing things with pet rescue! here

 *disclaimer : solid gold provided me with these products, but like always, all opinions are my own!*