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101 in 1001

here we go : 

101 things in 1001 days [version 2.0]
mission : do 101 life-things in 1001 days
start date : december 14, 2012 [my birthday!]
end date : september ___, 2015

why: because i love lists. making them. crossing things off. and making myself a better human

key :
item hasnt been started
item is in progress
item is completed 

places to go [travelpantz] : 
1) camp on a cross country road trip
2) go to europe OR save $5k for the trip
3) visit portland, oregon
4) go snowshoeing  [hiked on the mississippi river on 1/6/13]
5) visit HP themepark in orlando
6) hike in itasca state park [completed 7/5/13]
7) complete all 60 hikes in the hiking book we bought [1/60]
8) winter camp
9) sail on a sailboat
10) go to the dentist [sick]
11) visit 10 new neighborhoods around the cities & go into local shops [2/10 kingfield neighborhood, rice park]
12) see a roller derby bout
13) tour northfield [hike & eat pastries] [volunteered at a farm & then hung around town 6/13]
14) tour red wing [they have a bunch of cute shops, a state park & the red wing shoe factory] [camped here 7/13]
15) spend a weekend somewhere in iowa
16) go to pipestone, mn
17) go to winona, mn
18) spend a girls weekend with my sister, mom and grandma [they came to visit mothers day weekend 2013]
19) see a white sox OR brewers game in either chicago or milwaukee 
20) see the hollidazzle parade
21) spend a day in st paul [2/9/13]
22) do a few-day bike ride 
23) hike in 15 state parks // reserves [7/15 nerstrand big woods, frontenac, itasca, forestville, sakatah, fort ridgely, glacial lakes, ]
24) a day of auctions with my dad
25) canoe on lake of the isles
26) go ice fishing [i am still morally torn about this one // dont judge or scold me]
27) see tornado alley at the science museum [2/9/13]

minneapolis travelpantz : 
28) spend the day with my grandpa elmer
29) take blake on 15 [local] brew tours [4/15][aviator brewing in raleigh, nc // fulton in mpls // leech lake brewery in walker, mn // mankato brewery in mankato mn ]
30) donate 20 books to the little free libraries [they are small 'give one, take one' libraries in front of local businesses and homes][donated 100+ books after i turbo-cleaned our apt]
31) visit 30 new places to eat in minneapolis [8/30][yum, wise acre eatery, lowbrow, great waters brewery, red cow, glam doll donuts, itchiban steakhouse [went for a birthday ; overpriced & meh], mill city kitchen, ]
32) visit 20 new local shops [4/20 digs // sugar, sugar // whitney book store // dr chocolate]
33) take my picture next to the mary tyler moore statue downtown
34) hangout at the central library [its the HUGE one downtown]
35) have a picnic at the spoon & cherry sculpture
36) take my mom & gma to the macys spring flower show
37) CARAG garage sale
38) see a midnight movie at the uptown theatre
39) date night & bowling at BLB
40) uptown VFW for bingo night [blake won $36!]
41) go to foxy falafal
42) fly kites at the lake harriet winter festival

health & fitness : 
43) join a gym ; go often [joined the YMCA on 1/2/13]
44) learn to change a bike tire
45) buy a fast bike [bought a trek road bike 8/13]
46) do entire turbokick 90 day plan
47) do round 2 of insanity
48) floss 30 days in a row [i am so bad at this!]
49) join a yoga studio [moksha yoga for 2 months ; LOVED HOT YOGA!]
50) go rollerblading
51) take a trampoline class
52) do 25 [no-knee] push-ups in a row
53) do plank-a-day for 1 month
54) become a body pump instructor
55) apply to present at the healthy living summit
56) run a sub-30 [or lower] 5k [i PR'd at 32:02 ; still working on shaving it down]
57) 30 days of biking [bike every day in the month of april]

money // biz // finances : 
58) have $15,000 in savings [i know, its a HUGE goal][$4,500/$15,000]
59) own a home OR have a fat down payment ready for a home
60) have my car paid off
61) have all student loans paid off [WOO HOO! paid off on 2/8/13]
62) spend $10 in nickels at a casino
63) buy a new bed // mattress
64) cash in our jar of change [still not sure what we will do with it]
65) buy 10 lottery tickets [5/10]
66) double my donation to MPR [doubled our donation on 3/7/13]

things to do for // give to charity :
67) give $1000 to charity [$500]
68) volunteer on one major holiday for the food bank
69) pay for a person behind me 10 different times
70) donate money to cancer research in my grandpas name
71) donate to 10 kickstarter campaigns [5/10][the lincoln project, the nutcracker on marimba, high grade design, beez kneez honey, honeybee mobile market]
72) do everything in '365 good deeds' book [2/365]
73) give up my birthday for charity
74) plant a tree on earth day
75) foster a dog[s?] [pulled emma from doggy death-row, she found her forever family 7 days later]
76) donate my hair to an organization 

cooks in the kitchen :
77) make my own bread [doing a '40 loaves' project ; first loaf completed 1/6/13]
78) make my own almond milk
79) make peanut butter
80) make vegan marshmallows
81) shop only the bulk bins for 60 days
82) soak my own beans [i have NEVER done this]
83) pop our own popcorn on the stove top
84) make old family recipes into dishtowels
85) vegan oreos
86) make chipotle quinoa sweet potato burgers [3/4/13]
87) make fruit rollups
88) make cinnamon pull-apart bread [my second loaf of bread for '40 loaves' ; it was awesome]
89) join honey // bee csa [blake gifted me a membership for christmas] 
90) make smores in a jar
91) bake eggplant flatbread & crust
92) vegan raspberry butter 
93) vegan cookie dough ice cream
94) make all recipes in forks over knives cookbook
95) complete entire recipe collection [i want to copy down about 200 recipes onto matching cards]

craftypantz projects :
96) make a dream catcher
97) take a pottery class [i took blake on a pottery date night 5/13]
98) make a family map of both sides [this is so important to me!]
99) tap maple syrup
100) send a handwritten note to someone i have lost touch with once a week for a year [ /52]
101) learn to knit with needles
102) put together a 1000 piece puzzle
103) make [or buy] a granny square christmas tree skirt
104) make an advent calendar
105) write blake 15 love notes
106) give 10 'just cuz youre rad' gifts [3/10][purchased a cool fishing subscription box for my dad & a digital copy of the nutcracker on marimba for blake, a 3-month subscription to turntable kitchen for s&k]
107) make a terrarium
108) bake salt dough ornaments
109) make a canvas goal board each year [2013 is complete]
110) knit 20 hats for NICU babies

things to buy : 
111) rescue another dog
112) get a tattoo that my grandma designed for me [i have the best idea ;)]
113) purchase something from 'out of print clothing'
114) spend $15 in a candy store [sugar, sugar 1/26/13]
115) buy two shirts ; the 'boggart' shirt & 'dome' shirt [purchased 3/5/13]
116) sit on santas lap ; purchase the photo

things to read : 
117) read 120 books [/120][harry potter, mrs obamas garden book, a year without made in china, born to run, i am a pencil, baghdad diaries]
118) re-read all harry potter books [finished 1/27/13]
119) read 5 banned books

just for fun : 
120) train daphne to be a 'library dog' ; she would be trained to 'listen' to children who need a 'boost' with their reading skills
121) stop swearing
122) watch entire series of 'friends' [finished 7/13]
123) play mini-golf
124) go to a drive-in movie
125) take piano lessons
126) learn to play the guitar
127) turbo-clean each & every drawer // cupboard // closet & get rid of things we dont need![we donated 8+ boxes//bags to goodwill]