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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day two- done

oh my, I'm tan.
it's only day 2.

today was really good.
I worked 715am-4pm.
I'm really proud of myself.
I can honestly say that I gave 100% today.
I have two monster bruises below my wrists from where I got knocked by the 900 buckets that passed my hands today.
Blake was amazing, too.

We have a guy here that is slightly degrading. He gets heavy buckets and then walks past the girls and gives them to the boys cuz ..we aren't strong enough.. (oh buddy, I'd love to set homeboy right...) I know I am stubborn. I know I work too hard sometimes. I know I am relentless when it comes to stereotypes and empowering humans.

I am so thankful for Blake. For telling me good job. For always being my bucket partner. And for always always always trusting me with the heavy buckets.
I feel so grateful for a partner that really does push me and empower me to be strong and independent.

there is a large group here from Nebraska right now. Good humans. They have a handful of girls and they are all working hard. There are two girls that are really pushing themselves. I love it.

This is not an easy job. Really. It's hard. And super fast-paced. We have to keep up with 20 Haitians that have grown up in this culture. And the heat. It was 115 degrees today with the heat index. I really admire the humans that are pushing hard. Today, one of the girls timed how long it would take 20 people to transport 72 bucks full of 15-30 pounds of rubble. 2min 56sec. That means each person touched over 70 buckets in under 3 min. Those buckets are huge. And heavy, man. But so fun. Really. I have been teaching the Haitians ...good job.. ...nice work.. and fist bumping. They have taught me how to say ...I have really big muscles... in creole.

We have only been here for two days and the progress is amazing. Love it. Also, I am loving the Haitian culture more and more. My creole is a bit better. I'm getting the accent more, that counts for something.

The food is great. All fresh. All local. Bread. Beans. Rice. Avocados (better than I have ever tasted back home). Melon. Tomatos. Mangos. Papaya (no thanks). Dear America , please import Haitian goods and support their economy. Thanks, Diana

I feel good here. Really. Better go and buy some baby clothes. I am bringing home some Haitian babies. Blake, too...

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