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about me // get in touch

hey! im glad youre here!!
im diana & this is my space.

dianapantz is a vegan lifestyle blog. 
here you will find recipes, reviews of awesome companies, stories about my naughty pup & tips and tricks on how to live a greener, healthier lifestyle.

about me : 
i live in minneapolis, minnesota with my cute partner, blake & our rescue pup, daphne. 

we love exploring the city ; almost always by bike.
the two of us bike most days of the year ; last summer, we even biked across the state of iowa! [it was really hard!] we also do a lot of hiking, camping & mini-roadtrips.

green living is really important to us. we recycle, grow our own food, support local businesses & work really hard to lessen our impact on the planet. you can read our 'green living' posts here.

on the blog, you will also find lots of stories, product reviews, recipes & DIY projects geared towards dogs. we rescued daphne about 9 months ago & we have been on our toes ever since. check out some of her favorite products, homemade treats & messes here.

you will also find lots & lots of vegan recipes in my recipe box.
also, i have lot of goodies pinned here, here & here.

one of my 2013 goals is to bake 40 loaves of bread. [so far, i am a bit behind] ; feel free to track my progress here.

i like to think im pretty crafty ; so i also have a bunch of fun, little tutorials on the blog! 
and finally, because being vegan can be super intimidating for a lot of folks, i created the 'ask a vegan'  feature. 

feel free to connect with me other places, too!
find me on twitter // pinterest // instagram // facebook
or send me an email [dianapantz[at]gmail[dot]com]
 see ya later ;)