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2013 goals

hey everybody!
each month ; i will update this page with new monthly goals & my progress.

in 2013 i want to :
1) read // sponsor // write more blogs. i feel super disconnected to the blogging world ; i dont always know if thats a bad thing ; but i WOULD like to be a bit more intentional when i am online. [and not accidentally spending 3 hours lurking people i was in girl scouts with in 1991...]

2) pay off my student loans! [i am SO close ; my ultimate goal is to be student debt-free by march 1st]

3) have my new car 85% paid off. we bought a hybrid this fall & i want that baby paid off.

4) [try to] love yoga. specifically, hot yoga. i am actually attending my first class in a couple of hours. [dont pass out // dont pass out // dont pass out] my brain moves too fast & i really need to get back to my 'center' & become more intentional.

5) bake 40 loaves of bread. i will find inspiration from the internet, family recipes, thisawesome blog & library books. [if you have an awesome bread recipe ; send it over]

6) continue to focus on fitness ; i have a few more pounds id like to lose ; but its not a 'number goal' ; its more of a 'do insanity, push ups, yoga, kickboxing' goal.

7) foster a dog. [this one is a 'maybe' ; depending on when daphne is ready to share a space with another dog] we arent ready to rescue another pup ; but i would love to foster dogs while they are looking for families.

8) read 50 books. [last year i shot for 70 & totally fell short]

9) take a trip to portland // vermont // north carolina. id love to do all three ; but its probably more realistic to just pick one ;)

10) start [and finish!] project life OR project365. i am still not exactly sure which i want to do ; but i want to take a photo a day for a year & create a memory-type album to go with it.

11) complete one good deed a day. i bought myself this book for christmas & i love it. it has 365 SIMPLE good deeds & a really fun tracking system. [fun fact : the book is on sale right now]

12) almost three years ago, i started my first '101 in 1001 days' project. the idea is that you create 101 goals [simple, silly, 'bucket-list-esque', ect] to complete in 1001 days [a little more than 2.5 years]. my first set of 101 things expired on my birthday [dec 14th] ; so i created a new list [duh]. you can see my 119 things [i am a bit of an overachiever] here.
in 2013, i want to work hard to challenge myself & complete many of these things that i have never done before.