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Friday, July 16, 2010


Here we go...
We left a day earlier than planned...
Sooooo pumped

Thanks to every human that has supported us; emails, nice words, donations, monies (we raised over $3500!!!). We really appreciate all of you...

I'm going to try and upload a few pictures every day so you can see what's going on..

Blake will also be blogging :

We stayed at hood park last pretty.

Inside of our tent at 5am (dear yippy-ass dog, thanks for ruining my beauty sleeeep!!)

Look! You can pump your own gas everywhere else!!!

Just driving, nbd...

Also, I'm doing this on my phone, it doesn't give me the choice of adding to my 26 things; but once I figure that out, check there too... That's where my fav pictures will go!!!
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