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Sunday, August 22, 2010

almost to illinois

today was so good.
we camped in knoxville, tn last night.
had a great lunch with blakes aunt and grandpa.
(thanks again for everything, I had a wonderful time)
our campsite was great. right on the water. massive thunderstorm. love it.

we left this morning.
drove to louisville, kentucky.
we got out our bikes and rode all around downtown.
(oh my, I have missed my bicycle)
we went to the louisville slugger factory.
so cool.
we watched them make bats. they have a bunch of cubby holes (like 12x12) full of the 36' wood cylinders waiting to be made into bats. right next to me, there were 20 pieces of wood for jim thome. and above his cubby, was 12 pieces that would become bats for magglio. and above his was a.j. pierzynskis cubby. pretty cool. really cool, actually.

so they make 40 bats per tree. each MLB player gets 100-120 bats per season. each bat costs the team $80. wowza.

and louisville is pretty sustainable. they use 60,000 trees per season. (holy crap!) they replant a tree for each they cut down. and they have a select forest, so they cut down every 5th tree. they also take care of their employees and all the wood pieces that are defective, they make into mini-bats for everyone on the tours. also, all the wood shavings? they go to local farmers to make beds for their livestock.

louisville is gorgeous. their downtown was very cool. we ate a sports bar full of old dudes talking about hooters and drinking at 4pm. maybe not the most progressive, but a good afternoon.

- dear blog press, you owe me $2.99 cuz your app sucks. Love, Diana