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Thursday, August 19, 2010

last day!

Edit: we are in the states. The Internet was out for three days so we couldn't post. New post is in the works...

this is it.
last day.

we have a group of characters here right now.
it's been an interesting few days.
fun, though.

humans are fascinating to me.
the way we think.
and values.
and how when it boils down to it, people just want to be liked and accepted.
(you can argue that, but for the most part...)

with the group yesterday, we took a tour of the city. it lasted a couple of hours and there was a thunderstorm.
there were parts of the city that we hadn't seen before.

today is our last day in the pit. we are really going to miss a bunch of these guys. I'll take more pictures this afternoon.

this is a tent-city right downtown. the capital building is a block away. these people live in these tents. full families. see that white rectangle?! it's a fridge. that woman is using it as a bed..

dear blog press, you owe me $2.99 cuz your app sucks. Love, Diana