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Sunday, September 19, 2010

two days left!

bad blogging, neidecker.

garage sale. today. yesterday.
still have the bed.
not good.
let me tell you : : :
last night, b and i [well, he planned it] had a little 'see ya later' get together.
there were 20 people.
and they were all the people we wanted there.
[well, drew and emily would have been a great squeeze][brian, too][and melissa and daniel]
it was so, so good.
like, my words cant even tell you how full my heart was last night.

all of those people are the types of humans that say are you?...
and they really want to hear your answer.

a lot of them held me and said ..i am so sorry about your grandpa..
and let me tell you [im talking to you, croatia] i felt so loved.
like, probably the most love i have felt since i have been here.

i had so much fun.
people talked. and laughed. and took photos. and got hit on by silly boys [jen = aaron!]. and people hugged. and listened.

and sarah and dan are engaged now! so exciting. big high fives to them. they were/are my two very first portland friends. i met them two days after i moved. so, so great. i love you both.

i am in a good space right now. i miss my grandpa. and i think about him a million times a day. [i really do miss you, hans]. but, i feel okay. i am so, so excited to see my mama. and my grandma. and to call minneapolis 'home'. and oh goodness, i am so excited to do this with blake ward. what a great human.

last night, when we left the bar, i kissed him really, really hard. and told him how happy he makes me. i have never felt like this. ever. in all my days. lucky lucky.

so to all the humans that hugged me last night : thanks guys. really. this has been a great year. an emotional year. a lot of transitions. a lot of crafting, downtime, thinking, biking and loving.

and these pictures are not good. dummy. i didnt bring my camera. and we were sitting at the darkest tables. outside. laaaaame.

and, dont tell blake, but when we leave pdx, i am going to take a million pictures of he and i. and he will love it.