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Monday, January 3, 2011

jan 2.

holy smokes.
no picture right now.

i want to start using my film cameras again.
and we didnt work out today.
i have been feeling 'tummy icky' all afternoon.
i have also been laying on the floor for about 6 hours going through [almost] all of my computer favorites.
cleaning out.
and working on my blog layout.
and future projects.
[i have soooo many great ideas!]

quick day recap:
[seriously, i NEEEED to be better at using my camera. ive gotten so rotten]
[ha im rhyming. ...big time-ing]
[okay. enough]

today, we met with the handsome christopher potter and had a great hang-out sess and a not-so-great-tasting vegan sandwich.
[honestly. why the crap am i not taking pictures!?!?]
after that, we went to midtown and met with two super great guys about dog sitting in their super-massive-amazing condo for a weekend.
we are pumped to do it.
and, we will also both be able to make great loan payments!

and thennnnn, we went and got snow tires for our bikes.
[such a rad christmas gift from blakes folks.]
[thanks guys!]

back to work tomorrow.
back to the screaming baby.
back to tony horton.
back to bike commuting and freezing my butt off.
back to taking pictures.