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Thursday, March 10, 2011


oh, how exciting!
i have a lot of ideas flying through my brain.
and on paper. and in my dreams. 

i have two new lines that i want to produce.
1) babypantz : kid stuff. baby stuff. i have 2-4 ideas in the works. like, really in the works.
2) travelpantz : bags and pouches that will help you get to where you need to go.

i know that a lot of my friends/family read this blog [hey guys!]. i also know that i have been getting views from all over the country, from humans i dont personally know [hey!]. so a small 'about me' ...
i am from minnesota. i was born there [here.] i moved to iowa. and then back. and then iowa. and then back. and then i moved to germany. back to minnesota. and then vermont. and then portland, oregon. and now, as of 6 months ago, i am back living in minneapolis.
i have always considered minnesota 'home.' always. even when i didnt have an address in mn, it was always where i fit. coming back, and knowing that i will stay is a cool feeling. ive done a lot of moving. a lot of figuring out who i am. and where i should be. im pretty sure its here for now.

so, the first two :travelpantz: bags :::::: [i am so happy with these] [also, these are just iphone photos, i will take better ones when the sun is shining!

right now, i have fabric cut for a million more bags, but these are the two i have done today. [if youd like a bag with your state, let me know!][these will be in my shop in a few days!]