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Saturday, April 2, 2011

: april goals : and march goals update :

 april 2011 goals : 
these are things i want to do in april
[like march, i am giving myself a reward for each task completed]

1) send 5 packages : 2 to people i dont know [blog friends!]
 *reward : better bonds : show people i am thinking of them
2) take 6-7k steps a day [track and wear pedometer]
*reward : 60 min massage
3) workout 25 days
*reward : continue getting fit and healthy
4) do ab ripper x  4days/week - track this
*reward : $30 to spend on workout clothes
5) sell ____+ items this month
*reward : pay off more debt
*reward : a more positive outlook on everything
*reward : twins tix for may
7) put mail, trade handmade and book exchange buttons on blog
*reward : have better 'real world' connections
8) host a blog giveaway with 15+ entries
*reward : increase readership and send someone a great prize
9) leave 15+ comments on others blogs
*reward : make folks feel good
10) gain 55+ blog followers [@34 right now] [you can help : click 'follow'!]
*reward : fun giveaway/promo code
11) post 10 new items in the shop : lots of photos on blog and facebook
*reward : twins tix
12) find one (+) cause in minneapolis and spend a night/afternoon/day volunteering
*reward : doing my [small] part to make this universe better
13) START RUNNING AGAIN [1/2 marathon in october]
 : 2-3x/week for 20-35 min
*reward : stronger heart, leaner body, closer to my body fat % goal and a clearer brain
14) donate 5% of april sales to japan relief  AND donate 5% of april sales to world concern [haiti relief]
*reward : [again] sharing what i have to make things better


march 2011 goals : these are things i want to do in march 2011
[this month i have a reward for EACH goal i complete. these are important to me, so i really need a push this month to get it all done] 

1) i want to take 65,000-72,000 steps a WEEK [i am just not moving enough right now] NOT COMPLETED : close, but not quite
*reward : 60 minute massage
2) workout 25 days this month [at least 25-60 min/day]

*reward : cute haircut
3a) sell ____+  items this month  NOT COMPLETED : close
*reward : new yoga pants and/or new bra[s]
b)[also make $X.xx in profit]
*reward : $XXX.xx extra loan payment
4) host a blog giveaway [at least 15 entries AND gain 3-7 more blog followers] HALF COMPLETED
*reward : spend $XX.xx on april advertising
5) spend less than $40.00 at joanns/michaels/craft stores
*reward : more $ to put towards savings/debt
6) use blakes computer, test out web design AND contact 3+ new places for consignment  NOT COMPLETE, but i DID find 3 blogs to sponsor
*reward : more exposure & build my name
7) make 10+ pieces for NEW :babypantz: line; post, blog, advertise
*reward : new clients, new readers, broader audience
8) make 2 new blog buttons; post
*reward : more variety for readers.

total : 4.5 / 8 - not bad, but i did alright this month!