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Thursday, April 28, 2011

: guess where im going tonight!?! : and my photos of the day! :

blake and i are going to our first game at target field to see the minnesota twins! before i moved all over the country, i use to go to twins games ALL THE TIME, but since we have been back [october 2010], this is my first game at the new field.
wooooooo hoooo!

this is what today looked like : 
i got a hot stone massage this morning. [the girl had to stop at one point because my shoulder was so tight, she couldnt break the muscle - yikes]

and then : ESTATE SALE!

[and its hard to see : but yes, our plant does have a mustache!]

i cleaned the entire house! and now im working on a few bags for my sale this weekend! annnnnd my tax check came. [cha-ching][well, more like a tiny *ping*, but way better than paying in...]

in one hour, we are riding our bikes for some outdoor baseball. [psst :its 49 degrees right now]

see you tomorrow!