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Monday, April 25, 2011

: my week in photos :

back to monday.
i hope everybody had a good weekend!
we went to iowa and saw my fam. 
lots of eating. thrifting. crafting. 
it was nice.
[i found 4 fisher-price toy sets from the early 70s!][and i have 50 new spools of thread and 4 new pyrex!!!!]

 we saw snow AGAIN last week, but its all green grass and sunny skies today!

look who has their own fabric labels! super exciting.


 look at our new school house!!!

 easter lillies.

[and this is what blake and i look like now.]

im making a lot of fun things this week, stay tuned.
ANNNNNNND i have a super-exciting marketing promotion that YOU can be a part of 
[i will say this : you get FREE STUFF!]