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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

: super secret book club : [well, not realllly a secret..]

so, if you come here often, you know that i love reading.

i have been wanting to get a book exchange group together for a while now, and its s.l.ow.l.y growing.
[i will be making a link at the top of my page sooooon]

but for now, heres how it works.
you have a book. [yours; from your house, thrift store, garage sale, ect]
you read it.
and then you send it to someone. [probably a person you dont know in 'real life']
and then they read it.
and you can talk about it. if you want.
but the book keeps circling. and we all get to read fun books for WAY cheaper than if we would buy them at 'real stores'

i sent a few books down south this week [hi kara!]
and today, i am offering up THIS BOOK!
[the perks of being a wallflower]

send me an email.
[[take.a.picture [at] live [dot] com]]

i will send it to the first person that emails.
and then the first person will send it to the second person.
and so on..

come join!