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Monday, April 11, 2011

: two new bags in my shop :

so, its monday today.
i havent had the internet since thursday.
[honestly, i am okay with being a little disconnected..]

blake and i are dogsitting for a week and a half, and we dont have the internet password.
[i have like, 4 posts i want to get up before i leave work today]
[yes, i am blogging at work..]

two new bags in my shop!

and a favorite that i made that I AM GOING TO KEEP.
since i started sewing and knitting, there are a lot of things where i go 'wow, i'd love to keep that' - but then i dont.
but, i love this bag. its made from two pieces of bedding that i found while thrifting a few weeks ago.

annnnd, come back in a few days, because i will be giving away this bag. [seriously? this might be my second fave - i LOVE the olive straps.]
and can i please get a whoop whoop for spring?!?!