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Thursday, May 12, 2011

: another giveaway?!?! :

happy [rainy] thursday!

this past week, i have been doing a bunch of giveaways.
i have one more today, and then i am done plugging giveaways for a while.
[but this one IS pretty cool!]

first, if you became a facebook fan and entered the grab bag giveaway, THANKS!
my first giveaway = success.
so much fun.

second, i have a really cool interview over here.
[she makes me look really cool! ;)]

third, along with the interview is a chance to win ANY one of my bags. YOUR CHOICE. i have tons that are being made right now, so even if there isnt one in the shop that you love, im sure theres one in the craft room for you to drool over...

lastly, i have four new pairs of babypantz for sale here.

i have a bunch of fun not shop posts planned! stay tuned.
thanks for reading!