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Thursday, June 30, 2011

: july goals : and june recap :

we are over halfway done with 2011.
my goodness!

in july, i want to : 

1) run 10 times

2) follow training plan 90+% [running a half-marathon in october] [*i ran one a few years ago and got super injured* NOT happening this time ;)]

3) have 75 ties made before Very Jane deal goes live [more on this later!!!]

4) pay $_____ in loans/credit card

5) spend $____-____ in summer clothes with NO GUILT [i dont 'do' well with spending money. it makes me super anxious]

6) sell ___ items and turn a profit of $______

7) send 35 ties and 5[+?] bags to Hoot-N-Annie [again, more soon!]

8) have Jills book 80% finished [i was asked A YEAR AGO[!] to scrap a wedding book for a friend, and i need to get it done!]

9) get down a few more pounds [i have my health goal in mind][i am down almost 10 pounds and have a little ways left to go!]

10) have 140 blog followers [@121 right now]

11) NO WASTING CSA veggies and fruit [we pay good money to eat fresh and organic. we pick up a new box each week. sometimes its hard to keep eating certain veggies [spinach!!!]. this month = no wasting!]

12) volunteer 5x


June goals recap : 

1) set up a business account that is ONLY used for business purchases and profits. nothing else goes IN orOUT of that account!

2) get a massage [i have a gift certificate that needs to be used] & get a [friggin'] haircut. [its been almost a year! and i have a gift card!]

3) ride bike 12-15 times.

4) start training for our 1/2 marathon in october [NOT DONE : but i DID create my training plan]

5) do zumba abs 3+ times a week [NOT DONE : did 5/12]

6) sell ____+ items and turn a profit of $____

7) make new business cards

8) volunteer 3+ times [NOT DONE : did 2/3]

9) gain 5 more penpals. [want to be my penpal?!][go here][NOT DONE : only 1 new friend!]

10) send 15 emails to friends that i miss/want to catch up with

11) donate 10% of all sales : 5% to microloans in haiti and 5% to tornado cleanup in minneapolis/joplin, mo 

12) reach 140 facebook fans and 115 blog followers [you can help][facebook me here] and hit 'follow' over here -------------> 

13) make 4+ nice notes and leave them for strangers

Total : 9/13 complete. Not bad. Everything else was at least half-done.