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Sunday, June 12, 2011

: look at all my goodies! : and, check out these fun shops and blogs :

hi everybody!
if you come here often, you know that i love penpals. 
[wanna join? theres more info at the top of the page!]

i also love trading with other crafty folks.
[a couple of weeks ago, i made a few really rad swaps]

1) look at this super sweet birdhouse!!! its covered with fruits and veggies. my cute friend kerri sent this to me. isnt it so cute?! i love this vintage planter, so i think the house will look super cute in the planter in our living room.

2) i swaped these two things last week from fia[pdx]. sophia makes super fun stuff and she lives in my old stomping ground of portland! look how cute this iphone holder is. same with the bobby pins. i LOVE the owl. [and this totally helps me stay on track with wearing more jewlery]


3) look at this super rad necklace from vintagevalleygirl! ahhh! love it. its a necklace that was made from a vintage earring. eeeeep! 

4) and remember two weeks ago [on my friday post!] i linked to this headband? look how cute it turned out! its made out of a measuring tape. i didnt have any elastic, so i used a hairtie. [im like a crafty macguyver!]

5) and my final swap for the week : these scrubbies from this bright-colored shop! i got 5 of them, thinking i would give a few as fun little gifts. but now, i think i need to keep them all ;)

please go check out all the shops and blogs.
these people are so fun, and so talented.
i love being surrounded by inspiring humans.

[also, if you want to be penpals or do a swap, send me an email!]