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Friday, June 24, 2011

: she got it from her mama :

happy friday!
[i have a few fun posts to get out today. hopefully]

guess what i got in the mail the other day?!


a yoga-mat case from my mama.

[you think i am crafty? you should see my mother. she can sew like crazy. shes so talented.]
maybe you are wondering : diana, did your mom teach you how to sew?
hahaha. she tried.
[my mom isnt a great sewing-teacher. and i was sooooo not a good sewing-student]

anyways, besides sewing, she is AMAZING [seriously!] with floral arranging. she can take some really ugly stuff and make them into a really cute display.

she made this for us this winter.

and where did she get her talent from?
my grandma!
shes such a talented painter. an incredible artist.

last year, blake and i went to seattle and i took a black and white photo. gave it to my grandma. and she pen-and-inked this!

also, she made these mini-canvases that we have displayed in an old, old suitcase.

just a quick peek at how talented my family is!

thanks for reading!