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Sunday, July 3, 2011

: 30 before 30 :

i love lists.
oh, i do.
i re-write my to-do list every morning.
and i have lists for everything.
my workout plan. craft things i have to get done. budget. loan payments.
[i could go on]

anyways, you know i make monthly goals.
and i have my 150 books in 1001 days.
aaaand i have my 101 things to do in 1001 days.
[i sound like a nut!]

i will be 30 in 2.5 years ; so i decided to make yet another list.
[im sure you have seen these around...]

30 things i want to do before i am 30 years old!
[i wont be putting this tab on my blog][but i thought [maybe] you would like to see]

1) learn to swim
2) complete a triathalon
3) have all student loans 100% paid off [oh man, i have been waiting for this day!!!]
4) harry potter themepark
5) back to haiti 1-2 times
6) start [and finish?] adoption paperwork [more on this soon!]
7) be employed by my craft full-time
8) be a homeowner [or in the beginning stages]
9) read all the books i own [100+]
10) write 5+ letters to state/federal government about issues i care about
11) continue donating a portion of ALL sales to important causes
12) do a part [or all?] of RAGBRAI [its a bike ride alllll the way across iowa]
13) learn fluent creole
14) run PR races in 5k AND half-marathon
15) meet 8-10+ blog/pen pals in REAL life
16) continue volunteering 1-2+x a month
17) visit BWCA [Boundary Waters Canoe Area up in the very tip of MN]
18) hit BF% [body fat] goal (20-23%) and stay there
19) do 30 no-knee push ups
20) do 5-8 pull-ups [unassisted]
21) spend a weekend touring des moines
22) camp in all midwest states [MN, IA, WI, SD, ND, MI, IL, MO, KS]
23) see a ball game in milwalkie, chicago, st louis, kansas city
24) have a BIG garden
25) play the lottery [sometimes] and if i win, i donate money to the causes my grandpa wanted to donate to
26) be 98-100% vegan
27) go skiing [for the first time ever!!]
28) have a website and a store [this is happening soon!]
29) 6-8+ times a year ; support local/handmade artists [buy more from etsy!]
30) I AM STILL WORKING ON THIS ONE [im taking ideas! ;) ]

i would really love to hear a few of your goals.
better yet, make a list and leave a link in the comments!