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Saturday, July 16, 2011

: wanna see whats in our csa box? : week 4 :

another friday.
[well, yesterday was friday ;)]
another csa pick-up.

im tellin' ya ; if you are interested in joining a csa, contact your local farms.
[or let me know if you have any questions : cost, ect]
i think csas are so great. you support local farmers. you know exactly who is taking care of your veggies. know where they came from. and heck, you are super close ; so you can always visit your farm!

this week we got quite a few of the same things, but we blake is really enjoying all the new recipes.

this week : fennel, lettuce mix, spinach, HUGE cucumbers, cilantro, broccoli and a clove of garlic.

after my workout today : i totally sat down on the floor with a glass of water and the bunch of cilantro.

also, my very jane deal is still going on.
head over and buy a bow tie!

annnnnnd, i FINALLY signed up for pinterest!
[you can be my friend here!]