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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

: guess what i won?!?! :

oh my goodness!
this is exciting.

do you know doni?

i love her blog.
right now, she lives in portland, but use to live in minneapolis.
[i use to live in portland, and i now i live in minneapolis ;) ]
[annnd, if you head here to read her goals, you will see, they are super similar to mine!]

anyways, this weekend, doni hosted a giveaway on her blog to win a ticket to this blogging conference.
and guess who won?!?!
this girl!

woo hoo!

the conference is in chicago in a few weeks!
[chicago is 7 hours from here]

we also have *free* tickets to see the white sox play.
[did you know that since i am a twins fan, that i am not allowed to like the white sox ;) ]

have you won anything cool lately?