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Saturday, August 20, 2011

: on our way to chicago! :

happy weekend, everybody!
right now, i am sitting at the 20sb [twenty-something bloggers!] summit in chicago.

i am hoping to share a bunch of great new blogs [and bloggers!], good meals, fun tips, ect by the end of the weekend.

here are a few photos i took yesterday on our drive down to chicago.

 veg gummies!

 i have SEVEN pen pals letters to finish up and get out the door!

waiting for the train at 630am

after the summit, blake and i are going to head to navy pier to eat mini-donuts on the ferris wheel to cross off of this list. [#85]
[ps : i also did #51  last night ; pics soon!]

one more thing [until i come back] : looking for a great place to advertise your blog in september?!?

i have a few big changes happening to the blog. new product. new readers. giveaways. a few really great product reviews.
AND as a sponsor, you get a few fun perks [the sponsor page is getting a face-lift right now!]
first time sponsors are FREE. there will also be three new sizes ; woo hoo!

have a great day!