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Thursday, August 4, 2011

: so proud of my state :

quick post :

[ps : today, i made 12 bags, went to a garage sale, met blake on the trail and took him on a 'surprise date!']
[more on all of this tomorrow!]

anyways, do you remember when the 35w bridge collapsed in minneapolis?
it happened august 1st, 2007.
i was living here at the time, and i can honestly say that the collapse rocked everybody.

so this tuesday, after 4 years of planning and building, the new memorial is finally up!
the memorial is right on the mississippi river, and it is beautiful.

we biked over there tonight to pay our respects.

when the bridge fell, it was during rush-hour and on a major interstate.
13 people died and 170+ were injured.

the memorial is 13 i-beam pillars.
each pillar has a persons name engraved and their story, mission or a message from the family.
off to the side, there is a granite wall with the names of all the people that were injured.

i still remember watching the footage on the news.
i remember a friend of mine had just crossed the bridge.
i remember waking up from a nap, not knowing about the collapse, and had 7+ missed calls and a million texts from friends and family.
i remember walking to the site a few days later and just listening to my heart break.
it was unbelievable.

seeing the memorial tonight made my heart swell for the outreach, community and support for 13 individuals and their families in a city of 1.25 million people.

thanks for reading.
and your goal for the day : be really, really nice to someone ;)