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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

: two tasty treats and my :dianapantz: story :

hey everybody!
i feel like i have been super absent this weekend.
i had a lot of scary family stuff going on ; i really hope that this week will be better.

anyways, this past week, a few of my favorite blogs [and august sponsors!] hosted me for a few fun guest posts!

wanna learn how to veganize this rainbow cake?

head over to liz's blog and check it out.

how about these delish [and so stinkin' easy!] banana chocolate dessert bites?!

jello has my recipe over on her blog.

annnnnd, wanna read a bit about how :dianapantz: came to be? head over to katies blog and read my story, where i am at and what my goals for the future are.

also, i am looking for a few fun guest posters.
this is open to everybody! a fun recipe, a project you are working on, your favorite season, big news, anything!
send me an email or leave me a comment!

thanks for reading!