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Thursday, August 11, 2011

: wanna see one of my favorite places? :

hi everybody!
[i posted this on facebook today ; ever feel like you are so busy doing nothing?!?!]
[i totally feel that way this week]

today i wanted to share with you one of my favorite places here in the cities.
[i really do love minneapolis ;)]

there is a place here called the midtown global market.
its a huge space with 20-30 different shops and food vendors from around the world.
theres spanish food, middle eastern food, african clothes, danish books, hmong clothes, mexican cakes, an organic market, i could keep going ... ;)

today i walked around and snapped a few photos of my favorite places.

just a quick peek! [i really love food ;) ]

speaking of peeks ; someone made something cool today!
[look for that soooon!]
ps : we are dogsitting this week ; so all the eggs, cheese and pop isnt ours
[buuuut, i have got to admit that a few sips of the coke def hit the spot!]