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Saturday, August 27, 2011

: wanna see whats in our csa box? : week 8 :

happy weekend!
[thanks for all the nice comments in the past few days ; i read everything and i appreciate all of it]
[annnnnd, i still have medium and small blog spaces available for september ; check it out here]

look at all the great stuff we got this week!
we got : cucumbers. tomatoes. onions. garlic. carrots. small tomatoes. zucchini. broccoli. herbs [i dont know what they are ; they taste like licorice and look like parsley..[help]]

and tomorrow ; i want to try and knock a few things off of this list.
annnnd, look at all the great movies we checked out from the library!
[anybody else love their library?!]
have you seen any of these?!?!

[what can i say?! we love political, religious and glbt documentaries!