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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

: guest post from my bff sho : how to find yourself on a worldwide adventure! :

happy hump-day!
today i have a guest post from one of my fave people in the universe!
remember when blake and i went to dc this summer? well, we went to see the backstreet boys sho and her husband dave.
i have known sho since our freshman year of college! [we even lived on the same floor!]
right now, her and dave are on an adventure of a lifetime and i am excited to have her here sharing her goals!


Hey Everyone!
[disclaimer: I'm supppppppeer pumped to be guest posting on :dianapantz: eeeeepppp!] I just had to get it out!

I'm Sho and blog over at .PhotoSho. where I talk about life's adventures, challenges, share my photography, and most recently Shoave's move to Australia.

Sho + Dave = Shoave
A little while after my husband and I started dating, a friend mixed our names together and came up with Shoave, just like Brangelina..but a little less famous, wealthy, and waaaaay fewer kids [like, no kids at all....yet].  This past year, Dave and I decided that we were going to move to Australia for 6-12 months and see if we could make it in another country. This is something I have always wanted to do, the timing was perfect for us to do so we jumped at the chance. During the months leading up to moving we discussed that our time in Australia was going to be the time where we find ourselves and become the people who we want to be, no pressures and expectations to meet.

Before getting too serious (i.e. getting jobs and figuring how who we are) we have taken time to explore things near our new home in Newcastle, New South Wales.
who can resist a smiling koala bear?

But now it is time  to finally buckle down and figure out, Who The Heck I Am/ Want Be.  How to do this? ... I'm just not sure yet. We do have a little something on our fridge that makes me think about it quite often. 

This is our fridge door...

 This is the postcard that greets me every time I reach for something to eat or drink:

It's like when you are at an interview and they ask you to describe yourself and you never know what to say. You end up mumbling a few things and hope they move forward with the next question. But now its time to stay at this question until I figure it out.

The next questions are ; 'who do I want to be' and 'how the heck do I get there?'  I do have a general idea of who I want to be; I want to be someone who is more self confident, who actually cares and tries to be healthy, who is more adventurous in wardrobe choices, and who thinks that they are "cool" (seriously, what does "cool" even mean!), but I think there is more to me than that and I need to explore it.

I invite you to join me on this journey of becoming and figuring out the person I want to be as well as following Shoave's Aussie Adventures!  


p.s. any advice is totalllllllyyyy appreciated, that is what blog families are for right?

fun, right?
head over here to see her photos and here to read her blog.
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