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Thursday, September 1, 2011

: holy smokes i did a lot today : with photos! :

woooo hooo.
i got so much done today.

blake stayed home today [his job is hard & he wanted a day to breathe] , but we both had so much to do!

today :

i went to the dentist for the first time in 3.5 years a while.
[seriously? cannot stand the dentist. i actually broke down in tears when they were scraping my mouth. so stressful!]
i have 4 tattoos, and never did they hurt as much as the dentist!

sewed 10 new pairs of :babypantz: and three new headbands!
find them here and get ready for tons of new shop updates!

ate some ah.may.zing vegan cheese cake from muddy paws. i recently connected with tami, the owner and she hooked us up with two free slices. more on that [and maybe a cheesecake giveaway ;) later this month!]

took a sunset bike ride and had some great veg thai food at our fave neighborhood bistro.

and now i am going to finish my night with a bit of reading!
[has anybody read this book?!?! the first 50 pages werent working for me. and now? honestly, probably in my top 3 books of ALL TIME. and you know i love to read!]

and come back tomorrow for my bottle diy reveal.
its soooo stinkin' cute!