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Sunday, October 2, 2011

: how to rock customer service :

this has been a post i have been writing in my brain for quite a while now.
a few months back, my cute friend liz wrote this great post on customer service.

i had two similar experiences and wanted to write about them to drive home the fact that it is sooooo important to be good to your customers!
like i said in this post, if you arent good to your readers/customers, someone else will be!

here are my two stories : 

you know chrys, right? i have plugged her shop a bunch of times. i bought this amazing necklace from her. and then she did this great giveaway last month.
i think her products are great and i love all of her necklaces. we had been emailing back and forth quite a bit to get the giveaway going, and she wrote back right away and was always on board.

two weeks after the giveaway ended, i checked my mail and *bam* found a package from her.
i tore it open and as a thank you, she sent me this amazing wishbone necklace!

do you see how cute this is?!?

i was so impressed with her. she really took time out and sent me a product internationally, just to say thanks.
i am tellin' you. that goes such a long way.
i would love to work with her again. and more than that ; if i or someone i know is looking for a necklace, i would def send them her way.

and then i had this experience : 
a few months back, i bought a pretty pricey voucher off of heartsy. i ordered almost $100 worth of really great products for $25. i was so pumped. the company is small, sustainable and the items were going to be gifts.
well, the package never came. ever. so again, we went to the post office, ups, fedex and heartsy.
[this was one of the 4+ packages that got stolen from outside our building]
the seller and i wrote back & forth and back & forth. finally she said that it wasnt her fault and she souldnt have to replace something that got stolen from my property.
eventually, i did get a credit for the voucher from heartsy, but i was so bummed.
as a small business owner, i do understand where she is coming from. it was a lot of product to replace.

so the moral of this story is :
the integrity you show your customers is a direct reflection of who you are and what your business stands for.

anything you want to add?
have you ever had a really great customer service experience? [with who?]
have you ever had a rotten one? [no naming names!]