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Friday, October 14, 2011

: insta-friday week 7 :

happy friday, everybody!
this week has been a long one [anybody?].
we are driving over to wisconsin tomorrow for a quick little camping trip ; i am so pumped!

heres what the week looked like through my phone : 

 this week, i saw a grandma&grandpa walking with their grandchildren in the park and it totally tugged at my heart. what a lucky little boy. 

 we dog-sat last weekend and these two just sit on the couch and watch me sew. if i move, they move. if i stand, they stand. and if i cover them with a blanket, they just lay there ;)

we saw hail this week! only for a minute, but the wind blew like crazy and my poor little bicycle got caught in the rain.

 on thursday, i won tickets for a dinner tour benefiting a few local businesses and educating folks on the new public transit construction. [full write up coming soon!]

 cupcakes & veggie flatbread [with grapes!!] [blake had red velvet, i had worms in dirt!]

along with the bus tour, we also got a sneak peak at the new exhibit opening this weekend at the history center. its called 1968 and focuses on the election, the war, race riots, and what the culture was like. [again, full write up soon] it really was the best exhibit i have seen for years! it was really emotional and so well put together.

funny how we have come so far with some things but we are still so far behind on others..

blake and i are not in any of these. how did that happen?!
my goal for next week : take a photo with myself or blake in it every day!

as always, i am linking up over here!
life rearranged

have a great weekend!