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Monday, October 17, 2011

: vegan meal of the week : week 33 : few-minute tortillas :

happy monday!
did you have a great weekend?
[id love to hear what you did this weekend ; blake and i went camping and knocked down our to-do list!]

todays meal is super easy.
we have tons of veggies around the house all the time ; so we cleared 'em out and made a simple supper!

today = veggie tortillas

you need :
[psst ~ add what you want ; these are so easy to interchange]
*whole wheat tortillas
*tomato/pasta sauce
*red peppers
*baby tomatoes
*cheese [if you arent making these vegan OR you can use veg cheese]

how to do it : 
*load up your tortillas ; add in everything you want
and now you have a few choices ;
1) you can heat up your veggies / tortilla on your stovetop
2) you can load up your tortilla, wrap it up and put it on the george forman grill for a few minutes

thats it!
this is a great, easy, healthy fall meal!

have a great day ; its 43 degrees in minneapolis today ; LOVE IT!