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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

: the day i turned 28 : a year in review :

today is my birthday!
[can i get a whoop whoop?]
its suppose to be *40 and rainy today [in minneapolis! in the middle of december!]

today, blake and i are attempting to taking the day off to cruise around the city.
we have big plans [and tons of free coupons!]
i will recap everything in my insta-friday [birthday edition] post!

i wanted to review my year and remind myself [and share with you!] how far i have come these past 365 days!

 we flew kites on the lake in the middle of winter!

learned how to sew and made one of my favorite bags ever [ i still use it!]

took a lot of weekend camping//inn trips

 spent a lot of time volunteering for organizations we care about

 twins games!

 did a bit of thrifting for our future child 

spent a week in washington dc // north carolina visiting friends // fam 

backstreet boys!!

lots and lots of biking

minneapolis hang-outs with my mother!

 hung out with great friends!

 i caught it! [i couldnt help myself ;)]

we did a 50 mile bike ride!

 we drove down to kansas city for the weekend to see hallmark, eat vegan goodies and catch a kc royals game.

minnesota state fair

family wedding ; sister and grandpa

someones sweet partner [mine!] bought two tickets to see hanson. [hanson!!!]

we ran our first 10k [five minutes *under* our goal time!]

visited great museums around the cities!

bought these amazing alpaca gloves // we worked really hard this year to support small biz

this time last year ; i had 30 blog followers. no facebook page. no twitter. 
i didn't know how to sew and :dianapantz: was only a few *weeks* old.

i have had a lot of great experiences in my life ; i have moved across the country [twice!] with a two-door car and a few hundred bucks.
i have had really great relationships and others that have totally crushed me.
i lost a family member and felt an absolute hollowness.
and all of that has made me this person.
but i have got to say ; this year has changed my life.
i took an idea, busted my tail, kept pushing and was able to quit my job and follow my dream.

thanks for reading ; i really, really appreciate all of you.
that read the blog. comment. say nice things. have spread the word. purchased ad space. and bought my products.
i appreciate it.

heres to a great year [and some big goals!]