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Monday, December 5, 2011

: vegan meal of the week : week 38 :

happy monday!
did you have a great weekend?!
we got some snow, watched tons of netflix [got soooo much knitting done!!] annnnnd i taught blake how to knit!!
he made his very first cowl and it looks amazing. 

todays recipe is a good one.
nice and easy ; and makes a simple lunch or supper.

grilled avocado sandwich
makes two ; takes a few minutes

what you need : 
*4 slices whole wheat bread
*vegan butter [we use earth balance]
*1/2 of an avocado
*small handful of veg cheese [we use daiya (thats the brand) mozzarella]
*something to grill your sandwich [i LOVE our mini george foreman grill]

how to do it : 
1) heat up your pan/grill/ect
2) slap a bit of butter on both sides of your bread
3) mash up your avocado [using a fork and your muscle should work]
4) spread your avo mash + cheese on your bread
5) put your sandwich on the grill and wait a few minutes
[if you are making this on the stove, make sure to flip your bread ; if you are using the foreman, no need to flip]

and thats it.
this is a great lunch ; add some pita chips, carrots and fruit to round out your meal ;)

happy monday!