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Thursday, January 19, 2012

: come meet vanessa!! : shes the best :

happy thursday!
where did this week go?!?!

today i have a fun interview from vanessa!
she and i met in chicago this summer at the 20sb bloggers conference and *right away* we hit it off.
like, really. you know that feeling when you crash into someone and you are like 'we are soooo connected forever!?!?'
well, thats us. shes amazing & i am so excited to have her today.
[look for another fun post from her soon ;)]
Hi! I'm Vanessa from Reno, Nevada. I grew up in Southern California, where I also got my undergraduate degree (Fight On!) and have lived in northern Nevada since 2006.

I moved here to pursue my television journalism career. Two years ago I stepped away from that to discover public relations and social media marketing. I currently work for Noble Studios as a Content Strategist - hands-down the best job I've ever had.

I have a 2.5 year old daughter, baby #2 is due June 2012, I live with my wonderful partner who I refer to as Manfriend, and love to sew, run, read and eat.

Seattle Trip with the Child | 2011

Whats your favorite way to relax?
Run, read, sew or watch a great movie.
When I can travel (within the U.S. or internationally), I enjoy that the most.

Where would you love to be in 1/3/5 years?
One year from now I will have two healthy kids, living in Reno and planning my trip to Spain in 2014. (To celebrate my 30 birthday!)

In five years I hope my life is as happy as it is now, surrounded by health and love.

Describe your perfect day?
My perfect day is a balance of personal time and goofy time with my daughter. My favorite days are weekends when Manfriend is home from the fire station. I go for a morning run, he makes his killer egg scramble, and we hang out with Billie - go for a bike ride, head to the park, work on home projects together, and have friends over for dinner.

Where is your favorite place to create? why?
My basement. That's our dedicated sewing space. When I commit to going down there, time just flies.

My New Adjustable Dress Form

Tell us a few of your favorite sites/blogs to lurk on a daily basis?
The Official Google Blog- I geek out on Social Media/SEO blogs, too!

What do you want to learn?
To sew well. I love sewing because I learn something new each time I do it, and I suspect I'll never be an expert!

Be a better yogi - I'm a bit limited now due to my pregnancy, but it's been a long time goal to make yoga a bigger part of my life, and eventually (hopefully) teach.

I'd also love to become a stronger mountain biker and overcome my fear of the water and learn to surf (I've taken lessons once before!) and whitewater kayak.

Best advice you can give folks that want to start an artsy career/shop/side project?
This advice applies for any career endeavor - do what you love, and prioritize your life. Make time for the things that truly matter - your family, relationships and your health - and quit worrying about what others think!

Fall 2010 in Reno,  Nevada

Lets be honest ; n*sync or the backstreet boys?
Tough call!
thanks so much, vanessa!
i *highly* suggest you follow her on twitter & check out her blog!

have a great day, everybody.
come back tomorrow for my week 3 project365 wrap up ;)