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Thursday, January 5, 2012

: new items in the shop AND A BIG SALE! :

happy thursday!
last night, blake and i volunteered for feed my starving children.
in one hour, we helped pack 8,000 [!!] meals for kids in africa ; we left feeling so unbelievably inspired.
[more about that later this month ;)]

these past few weeks, i have been creating like crazy and wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces with you.
maybe you have a bit of holiday money left over? maybe you have a friend with a birthday coming up?
this month, i am donating 5% of EVERY SALE to charity : water. 
blake and i are then EACH matching that total to send along.
[so, your purchase will go that much further to keep clean water coming for families in developing countries!]

here we go :
want to make this deal a bit sweeter? type in NEWYEAR28 to save 28% on your entire winter wear order!

tons more items in the shop!
sales ends in a couple days!