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Sunday, January 8, 2012

: our NETFLIX queue :

hey everybody!
you have netflix, right?

since i work from home, i almost always have my computer nearby.

when i am pre-blogging or sewing, i play music [usually pandora or itunes], but when i am packaging, answering emails, creating diys, cutting fabric OR knitting, i usually play netflix.

i am a huge fan of starting a series, episode 1, season 1 and seeing it all the way though. when i have netflix on, i mostly have it on for the noise. story lines too difficult to follow without actually watching [greys, csi, ect] usually get passed up when i am working.
i really love watching shows like family ties, the cosby show & cheers when i am creating. [haha ; totally love 80s sitcoms]

blake and i also really love watching documentaries dealing with social // political issues.

wanna see whats in our netflix queue?
[i will link a description of each show under the photo]

fun, right?
what have we missed?!
have you seen any of these series // shows? 
whats in your queue?!