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Saturday, February 4, 2012

my top 8 resources for dslr camera users

if you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that i posted last week asking for camera recommendations. i have been wanting one for years & finally decided to purchase one.

i love cameras. i have an old 1988 polaroid [which i still have TONS of film for!], a 35mm polaroid, a holga, a diana+ camera and a point and shoot digital camera.
i love 'old school' photography and have been on the fence about an slr for years. they take such 'shiny and new' photos [which is great for so many reasons] but i just LOVE the gritty-ness of old photos.

you know i have a camera tattoo, right?

my lens is here & my camera should be here in the next week or two. but in preparation, i put together a list of 8 websites that have great tips for ALL levels of photographers.

here we go : 

1)  my3boybarians offers a great, FREE blog/e-course. 31 days to a better photo. its easy to read & follow and the tips are wonderful

2) 101 portrait photography tips is a good resource for anybody with a camera. simple layout and really great tips. and its a good refresher if you have been shooting for years.

3) the photographer blog offers a long list of AMAZING links ; 13 great resources for dslr beginners

4) smash&peas offers 5 pages of tons of tips and tutorials. from travel photography, twitter tips, shooting night scenes and more!

5) fodors [the travel people!] has a great page dedicated to travel photography tips. 

6) photofuel has a free e-book ; photography tips, tricks & techniques [i have NOT signed up yet, but it looks great!]

7) do you know photojojo?! : they have a great newletter, tons of info, fun projects and an online forum. lots of people with lots of tips.

8) the instagram blog is a fabulous resource. you dont need an iphone, an instagram account or a certain camera to benefit from this blog. they have tons of great tips, meet-up groups and daily/weekly challenges.

there you have it!
do you have an slr?
what kind?
any other resources you know of?!