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Sunday, April 8, 2012

: ask a vegan : week 9 : veg-friendly beer + liquor :

happy easter!
we are still in iowa, hanging out with my family!
speaking of family ...
lets talk about booze, shall we?!

now, i am not a drinker [i love water!], but i wanted to share a few really great resources for vegan//vegetarian alcohol.
and tomorrow i will be back with a some tasty summer drink recipes.

you know that *some* wines, beers & liquors arent vegan, yeah?
so what animal ingredients are used in alcohols, you ask?!
*the most common in wines are isinglass [fish bladders!]
*gelatin [usually from pig & cow hooves, skin & bones]
*egg whites + caseins [milk protein]
*insects [used for coloring]
*albium [protein that can be taken from animal blood]

the good news?!
there are *tons* of veg-friendly options ; many of which you probably already drink.

the labels will tell me if its veg-friendly, right?!
NO! i have a bunch of fabulous resources below ; but if you cant find your drink of choice on the list, i *highly recommend* you contact the brewery//winery directly.

resources for beer // wine // liquor that ARE veg-friendly : 
*note* there are so many choices, so instead of listing them all, below you will find a few extensive links*

HUGE beer list // HUGE wine list // HUGE liquor list // another great liquor list

beer // wine // liquor that IS NOT veg-friendly : 

*guinness beers are filtered with fish bladders.
*newcastle beers are also filtered with isinglass & are NOT vegan. [their website is VERY cool, though ;)]
*bear republic is NOT 100% vegan friendly. 
all 12oz bottles ARE vegan. their kegs + 22oz peter brown tribute are NOT vegan [they contain gelatin]

*another thing to note about isinglass : the bladders are used to FILTER the impurities out. when you are drinking your alcohol, you *may* be consuming trace amounts of bladder. since its used as a filtering agent, its not like your beer is full of bladder*

interesting, right?! [i had no idea about so many of these beers & ingredients!]
comments? questions?
what is your favorite drink!?
be sure to stop back tomorrow for some great summer drink recipes!