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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

why giving back is better than most things

happy tuesday!
if you were here a few day ago, you heard that my baby sister graduated college this past weekend.

and while graduating college is such a cool feeling [i was so proud of myself when i finished school!] ; thinking about all the money you owe is not.
[i can honestly say, when i graduated at 22, i had NO IDEA how much money i would really owe in loans]

well, last week, campus book rentals contacted me about their college book rental program. [perfect timing!] its a bummer that these programs didnt exist 5 years ago when i was in school, but im so excited that they exist NOW.

think about ALL the money you spent on books in college. books you sold back for $5 or a free t-shirt [pretty sure i sold back 6 education books in college & was given a free t-shirt & $10!]

if you are starting summer classes, or once you register for fall, check out their website & RENT their textbooks instead of paying $200+.

and while renting books is a cool concept, my *favorite* thing about campus book rentals is their 'making a difference program.' they have partnered with operation smile by donating enough money to cover *at least* 1,000 cleft lip surgeries! 
for every single book they rent out, they donate a portion of those sales towards operation smile. 
each & every one of us has the power to make a significant change in this life ; i love that so many companies are making it easier to change the world.

so, if you are looking into getting a book for your undergrad or grad classes, head over to campus book rentals & search for it.

and if you are interested in donating your time with operation smile, check out their website to see if there is an event happening near you.
[there was a gala in the cities that happened three weeks ago. if i had known, i would have LOVED to have gone]
also, right now, they have a mothers day special going on. if you donate a cleft lip surgery, both YOU & a patient will receive a teddy bear! 

*connect on twitter : campus book rentals + operation smile

TELL ME : what is your favorite company // organization that gives back?!

*disclosure : i was compensated by campus book rentals for this post BUT each & every thing i said about them + operation smile were my own opinions*