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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

links from around the internet // things you dont want to miss

happy wednesday, everybody!
as i am writing this ; its dark, dreary & raining ; perfect 'stay-in-bed-and-nap-all-day-weather.'
but instead, ill share all these great links with you ;)
so many great articles i hope you check out!

1) yes, you can feed a family of 3 on a food stamp budget. this is really great article from bon appetite.

2) the top 10 mistakes DRIVERS make around bikers

3) also bike related : why bikers really aren't that special & they shouldn't play be their own rules ; this one is really good.

4) yoga lover? this site is great. pick the type of yoga you enjoy & find tons of great gift ideas.

5) isnt this print cute? they have tons more on their site. bonus : $5 from each sale goes to charity [you get to pick where your money goes!]

6) do you have a CSA share? here are 7 tips for managing your share. [these are really great tips!]

7) if you live in minnesota [or plan on visiting] & want to spend some time on a bike ; this website is a must-have. [also, go check out their pedal mn videos!]

8) got a cat-loving kid in your life? these crayons are so cute. [also, made in the us!]

9) love farmers markets? how about a super sweet handwoven basket made from elephant grass?! they are beautiful & provide income for women in ghana. here

10) interested in supporting clothing companies that dont use slave // child labor [i really hope this is a yes!] here are 10 ethically made clothing brands

11) this article makes me so happy! in europe, they are bringing back 'suspended coffee.' folks can pay for their own coffee then pay a bit more for someone in need. if you are having a bum day or low on money, your coffee is free ; with the intention that when you can, you will pay it forward.

12) head over to my kindness blog ; i am sharing a video that will change your life. [it sounds dramatic ; i swear its true!]