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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{VEGAN RECIPE} chocolate peanut butter with ninja kitchen

happy tuesday!
last week, the amazing people at ninja kitchen sent me their super-awesome blender to play around with!
i am loving it!! daphne has actually eaten the lids from two of our blenders AND ate the food processor ; so having it arrive at the doorstep was prefect timing! 

we have been using it everyday! i have made pasta sauce, lots of smoothies & yesterday, i made two types of nut butter.
i will be sharing quite a few recipes over the next couple of weeks {not cuz i have to, but because this blender is crazy awesome!} i actually made juice this morning! 
its so easy to use & cleans up really well.

my first ninja kitchen recipe : 
chocolate peanut butter!
{last weekend, i went apple picking and came back with 30 pounds of apples! one of my favorite ways to eat them is to cut them up & dip them in chocolate or regular pb}
instead of paying $6 per container ; i thought i would make my own!

what you need : 
**NOTE** this recipe is one of those 'add // subtract what you need to' recipes ; so adjust depending on how you like YOUR butters**
*16 oz peanuts {i used organic from the bulk section of the coop}
{if you want a smaller batch ; just use less}
*2+ tbsp coconut oil {again, adjust for creaminess // taste}{you can use olive oil instead}
*couple pinches of salt
*3-5+ tbsp of cocoa powder {i use equal exchange ; its fair trade & they are a great company}

how to do it : 
1) using the ninja blender, food processor or any other high-powered blender ; add your peanuts and mix // pulse until you have a butter-y consistency {should be a little paste-like}
2) add in your oil, salt & cocoa powder
3) if using the ninja, i had my setting on 1 & 2 ; continue blending and taste testing until you have reached your desired taste. if your butter tastes too bitter, add in some honey, maple syrup or agave to sweeten it up! 

*disclaimer : ninja sent me this blender ; free of charge ; but all recipes & opinions are my own*

tell us : do you have a blender // food processor?
what do you LOVE making?