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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{VEGAN RECIPE} peanut sprinkled fall balls

october = fall balls!!
these past couple of weeks, i have been working from home & love to have a 'snack-y' treat in the afternoon.
i really love salty & sweet together ; so i gathered up some cocoa powder, peanuts & sprinkles and made myself a tasty 'power ball' treat for the afternoons!

tasty peanut sprinkle fall balls 
{the recipe is adapted from here}
{makes about 25 balls}

what you need : 
*2/3 cup peanuts {i purchase organic, unsalted peanuts from the bulk bins}{you can use other nuts, as well}
*1/3 cup cocoa powder {equal exchange is my favorite brand; AND they are fair trade}
{total sidebar : the cocoa industry is nasty business! if you eat 'big name' chocolate brands, more than likely, you are supporting child slavery off the ivory coast. i suggest you do your chocolate research!}
*1 cup dates ; pitted & chopped
*1 tablespoon vanilla extract
*2-3 tablespoons of raw honey {using honey? go local!}{you can also use agave or maple syrup}
*sprinkles {optional}{but really, sprinkles are so much fun!}

how to do it : 
1) pulverize the nuts & cocoa powder in a blender or food processor until you have tiny crumbs! {if you mix too much, youll have peanut butter!}
2) add the dates & vanilla ; mix again. add your honey // syrup, one tbsp at a time, mixing after each addition.
3) your dough is ready when it 'balls' up and travels around the mixer. from the original recipe : 
Dough that resembles the consistency of nut butter is too runny and loose and dry ingredients must be added to help it solidify. Add a tablespoon or two more cocoa powder or cashews, as necessary, to dry out the dough. Dough that's too pebbly, dry, or sandy will benefit from anther couple dates or tablespoon of agave, as necessary, to moisten it.
4) you can either cover your dough & place in the fridge for a few hours to harden OR if the consistency is right, you can start to form your balls. {i did not place my dough in the fridge}. when ready to roll {get it?}, take a tablespoon-sized chunk and roll into a ball. if you are using sprinkles, pour them in a small bowl & dredge each ball through.
5) once i was finished with my balls, i placed them in the freezer for a few hours, taste-tested & then kept them in the fridge.
these are super easy & great for pre- and post- workouts. also great for fall hiking, apple picking and leaf-jumping!
happy snacking!!