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Friday, April 25, 2014

{FRIDAY LINKS} 9 rad things from around the web you should be reading!

woo hoo!
friday, again!
we come home tomorrow afternoon. i am SO pumped to see daphne & recap our trip!
the boxes go out in a few days.
if you want to purchase a May Be Nice Box, there is STILL TIME!

enjoy these 9 great links from around the web!
1) so, how often should you be posting on social media? thoughts on this?

2) YES! 10 blogging tips for busy women! 

3) i am a huge documentary junkie ; LOVE THEM! the 12 most amazing documentaries on netflix right now! have you seen any of these?

4) yay! meet the teen who is taking on the youth bra industry!

5) 15 things you didn't know your iphone could do! #4 is awesome!

6) 20 unusual things 20 successful folks do every day! i love reading stuff like this. running a business, along with having a billion other balls in the air definitely warrants outside advice!

7) speaking of owning your own biz {and the more un-glamourous side} : 10 strategies for surviving a cash flow slump

8) do you send out a newsletter? here are 5 ideas for a killer email newsletter

9) could these shoes *be* any cuter?! {super-bonus : made in the US!}
have a rad weekend, folks!