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Monday, January 18, 2010

46 & 47

oh my goodenss; talk about being a rebel...
i have been staying up late.
eating pounds of power-cookies.
and not working out.
today is the end of that.

i have a good life.
i feel so blessed for everything in my universe.

today [and yesterday] day[s] 46&47/365, i am thankful for [a] cute boy[s] that says nice things to me. and for new places in portland. for five pound boxes of clementines. silly 5 mile adventures at 2am. not needing a camera to remember really good times. the smell of fresh sheets. 'where are you now' by the summer set [i think i have listened to it 15+ times on repeat so far]. and for being proud of who i am.

i am growing up.
[i know i just talked about this]
i had an adult conversation today. about things that would have sent me through the roof two years ago. i have a plan.
and ya know what?!
i went through some really shitty things when i was younger. heck, last year...
but i am doing so well.
i have learned so much.
and for that, it will have made all the difference...