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Monday, February 22, 2010

75. 76. 77.78.

okay. okay.

yet another great weekend.
friday was spent lounging.
watching lost.
laying in bed for 7 hours.
toast for dinner and an early bedtime.

saturday was spent outside.
all day.
with that one cute boy and two good friends.
we spent a million hours planting grass seed, flowers and digging a freaking garden.
healthy lunch and tank tops.

saturday afternoon i bought a freakin' bike!!!!
i have wanted a faster road bike for a while now.
blake is a bike commuter, and i really want to learn this city on bike.
also, id like to become a bike commuter.
[i have been itchin' to sell my car for the past year or so. and really, i take public transit 5+ days a week the way it is...]
so i bought a trek. shes gorgeous. looks like shes from the 70s. and shes the first eco friendly bike on the market. less packaging. all biodegradable. the frame is steel, not aluminum. cork handlebars. all parts of the bike came from no more than 250 miles away from the factory [which might still be in china?] and the tires are biodegradable.
i love her.

sunday was spent riding.
alllll day.
like, 4+ hours.
we went all over portland.
stayed on the waterfront.
lunch was spent at slappycakes.
its a pancake place.
each table has its own griddle.
you order the batter and toppings and make them yourself.

all of that = all the things i am so, so thankful for.
friends. good food. blake ward. my new bike. being financially stable [enough, at least..]. body confidence [the art of building it.] gardening. saving the planet. running shoes. sunglasses. finding my ipod! having teary, emotional conversations about forever and holding hands the whole time..

im freakin' growing up, man.
i feel it.