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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

101 things in 1001 days

so, i found this. and its way rad.
[of course, i made it my own]

mission : do 101 life-things in 1001 days
start date : june 5th 2010.
end date : december 17, 2012

why: because i love lists. making them. crossing things off. and making myself a better human

key :
item hasnt been started
item is in progress
item is completed

here we gooooooooo...

1) have 20 blog followers
2) start a business
3) have $5,000+ in savings (DON'T TOUCH IT]
4) get 1-3 tattoos
5) be able to do 30 no-knee push-ups
6) visit 5 new states - be there - not just drive through
7) complete at least 4-6 rounds of p90x
8) become a trainer OR back to school for something fitness/health related
9) go to Haiti at least twice
10) hit and maintain 20-22% body fat
11) do a full bridge tour of PDX on my bike [and photo-document]
12) learn simple bike maintenance
13) watch 8 baseball games (MLB) in at least 3 different stadiums
14) learn to make quality vegan cupcakes  [completed june 13th - made 100+ cupcakes for Haiti fundraiser]
15) learn to use [and cook with] tempeh, tofu, lentils, ect
16) have a HUGE garden
17) learn to sew and make cook stuff
18) sew AT LEAST 6 items for our home
19) buy an SLR camera
20) take at least 3 community education classes
21) go fishing with my dad (this might be replaced with something that doesnt involved killing something with a face)
22) learn to use a pottery wheel
23) learn to make sushi at home [brown rice and no fish]
24) make homemade greek yogurt [using soy yogurt]
25) make 3 green monster smoothies
26) 365 photo challenge [take a picture a day, for a year]
27) buy as much polaroid film as i can get my hands on
28) shoot 'a day in the life' with all polaroid
29) make a family map of both family sides
30) take a picture of myself next to a 'welcome to california' sign
31) find a church OR find a deeper spiritual connection
32) learn/study the german language
33) take blake to schmidts [might also change, due to the 'vegan' thaaaaang]
34) hit goal body fat - body confidence - send pictures to fitness/shape magazine
35) pay off at least $5-7000 in student loans
36) run 6 5Ks
37) run a sub-30 5K
38) run 3 10Ks
39) run 2 half-marathons
40) kayak along the river
41) read 100 books [2/100]
42) ride my bike no-handed
43) be car-free for 30 days
44) get a 2 hour + massage
45) find a cause and get involved (educate, volunteer, donate)
46) read 15 beverly cleary books [1/15]
47) visit all things 'beverly cleary' in PDX
49) visit and take pictures with 15+ charles shultz sculptures in mpls
50) take vitamins every day for 6+ months
51) learn how to set up a tent all by myself
52) go rock climbing
53) have a 24 hour movie marathon
54) read all narnia books in a row
55) read all harry potter books, yet again
56) visit harry potter theme park in florida
57) send a secret to post secret
58) finish my 'recycled' scrapbook
59) go mushroom/ginseng hunting/ woodsplitting with my dad
60) take dad salmon fishing [WILD SALMON ONLY!]
61) volunteer 101 hours
62) pay for the person behind me 5 times
63) no computer/internet [includes iphone] for a week
64) call 12 friends in 12 days
65) learn/practice martial arts [gym/class]
66) make/paint my own ceramics at a paint and take place
67) paint my nails an obscenely bright color 5 times/5 different colors [1/5
68) send 5 care packages to US soldiers in Iraq each year [15 total]
69) eat at 10 new food carts  [1/10]
70) make/use 10 new recipes with crock-pot
71) do one page a week from 'wreck this journal' [3/143]
72) read 'big green purse' cover to cover
73) see something corporate in concert
74) grant 4 wishes from
75) eat a jimmy johns [only ONCE!]
76) buy an active roster twins shirt [KUBEL!]
77) continue blogging about being thankful each day
78) make jam/jelly with local fruit
79) take the amtrack somewhere
80) re-watch every episode of lost
81) spend $10 in nickels at a casino
82) deposit $10 in savings for every goal achieved [$1001!]
83) carve a really bitchin' pumpkin
84) whale watch
85) eat mini-donuts on ferris wheel at navy pier
86) make a sweet vegan carrot cake
87) do 25 lists on list-ography [2/25]
88) organize craft room [like, really organize it]
89) buy 10 lottery tickets
90) host a brunch for friends
91) take 45 pictures of PDX in one day
92) go apple picking
93) bake a vegan apple pie completed 6.16.10
94) decorate easter eggs NOT at easter time
95) do [10 times]
96) batting  cages and mini-golf
97) sail on a sailboat
98) learn how to knit [seriously]
99) go to at least 8 meet up portland events [4 by myself]
100) make a sandcastle at the beach
101) get health insurance [this is really important]

BONUS [cuz i guess im an overachiever]
102) join a CSA
103) be a tree-fruit gathering volunteer
104) get involved with girly bikes
105) take 4 online craft classes [currently in 'summer camp' RVA class]
106) eliminate 'hate' from my vocab
107) picture and document every goal - pay attention here - i need to work hard to get my ..oomph... back
108) do entire Fruit Loop over by the mountains