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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday today.
Didn't post yesterday.
Fiasco at my dads (show me your shocked faces).
Six drunk men and another that didn't like Indians, broke and then attempted to fix my bike rack.
It took three hours and me freaking out at my dad to fix it.
Really, Blake and I had it under control. Some clown decided to swing from the bike rack and snapped the bolt in half.
Sweet life, bro.

We went to schmidts. Blake loved it. He got a free, private tour from the guy that took my dads place.
(schmidts is a German meat market in a teeny town; Nicollet, Minnesota. I worked there for two years and my dad was the head butcher for 23 years)
(I will still eat a little meat if it comes from schmidts. Mostly because of their sustainable practices and all the meat is from local farms. The market has been around for a million years and is family owned and operated. When we went to visit yesterday, 80% of the people that worked with my dad were still working there.
Being there has been the highlight of my trip so far. I have so many wonderful memories of that place. And the people. I grew up at that meat market. Those people all watched me grow up. The first boy I ever loved worked (works) there. It was sooooo great to hug him and see everyone!

After that, we drove through the cities and into Wisconsin. A tornado warning made us stop in Madison. Hotel bound for the night. Seven inches of rain = no camping.

Right now, b is driving through more rain and lightning. It's 8am. Silly Midwest. I forgot how crazy your weather is.

I'll post more tonight!
Also, I am gettin a lot of views on here. Leave me a comment. Let me know who is reading!

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