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Monday, July 26, 2010

Haiti tomorrow?!

Holy craaaaaap.
In less than 24 hours, we will be in haiti!
Can't believe it.

Been in North Carolina for three days.
Great people. Good manners. Butttery biscuits (toooo much).

I had grits for the first time in my life (no thanks). Went to two church services. Met a lot of humans. Took a 12 mile super hilly bike ride in the blazin' heat. Went to a huge farmers market. Ate fresh peaches.

We are driving to Wilmington right now. Day trip to see blakes brother. Maybe the beach?

I am so excited for this trip. I can't believe we leave tomorrow. Early flight. Savin' the world.

(and since we have been here, I think four people have said that we should get married) (so silly) (and if you're curious, i'll bet five bucks that we will be together for all our days)(not sure about a wedding though)


Look at all these Whitw Sox peanuts in Indiana. Gross. Pierzynski, I am not a fan.

Mr. Ed's. Verrrrry southern. Do you know what fatback is?!?! It's the fatty part of bacon. You just get a plateful. Shocked.

Blakes old boss, Doug. What a woman. She's amazing.


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